with Save Up CD


Save Up CD is a short-term certificate that helps you start small and grow your savings with unlimited deposits.

Get started with a small deposit - only $500
to open and earn interest.

Grow your savings – Unlike a traditional CD,
this account allows you to deposit additional
funds after account opening, helping you
achieve your goals faster.

• Afraid to lock up your money for a long
time? No problem!
The term is only for 6
months. However, you don’t have to close your
account at the end of 6 months, keep it open
and keep saving.

Earn a high CD rate – Earn a high CD rate,
higher than most regular savings accounts. Call us
today for current rates.




Rates subject to change without notice. Minimum average daily balance of $500 required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. Interest is paid at maturity. Withdrawals from this account are not allowed without penalty until the maturity date. If you choose to close the certificate prior to the maturity date, a penalty will be imposed. Fees charged could reduce earnings on your account. Automatically renews at maturity at the interest rate being paid by the Bank on the renewal date.